regconcat — Combine several Regina data files


regconcat [-o output-file] {input-file...}


This utility combines several individual Regina data files into a single larger data file. The new file will have a container as its top-level packet, and beneath this container will be the packet trees from each of the input files that you supply.

If an output file is specified through option -o, the new file will be written as compressed XML to this output file. Otherwise the new file will be written as uncompressed XML to standard output.


-o output-file

Specifies that the new combined data file should be written as compressed XML to the given output file.

MacOS Users

If you downloaded a drag-and-drop app bundle, this utility is shipped inside it. If you dragged Regina to the main Applications folder, you can run it as /Applications/

Windows Users

The command-line utilities are installed beneath the Program Files directory; on some machines this directory is called Program Files (x86). You can start this utility by running c:\Program Files\Regina\Regina 5.1\bin\regconcat.exe.

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This utility was written by Benjamin Burton . Many people have been involved in the development of Regina; see the acknowledgements page for a full list of credits.