Appendix D. Authors and License


The primary developers of Regina are:

Additional code was contributed by:

  • Rhuaidi Burke

  • Matthias Goerner

  • Adam Gowty

  • Robert C. Haraway, III

  • Alex He

  • David Letscher

  • Kevin Zhang

  • Winfried Bruns, Christof Soeger and others (for the Normaliz library)

  • Marc Culler, Nathan Dunfield, Matthias Goerner and Jeff Weeks (for code from SnapPea and SnapPy)

Thanks also to the help and expertise of:

  • Bernard Blackham

  • Marc Culler

  • Dominique Devriese

  • Nathan Dunfield

  • William Jaco

  • Craig Macintyre

  • Melih Özlen

  • J. Hyam Rubinstein

  • Saul Schleimer

  • Jonathan Shewchuk

  • Stephan Tillmann

The following institutions have supported the development of Regina:

  • The American Institute of Mathematics

  • The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (grant AISRF06660)

  • The Australian Research Council (grants DP0208490, DP1094516, DP110101104, DP140104246, DP150104108)

  • The Indian Institute of Science

  • The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, Brown University

  • The Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Tokyo

  • Oklahoma State University, USA

  • Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

  • RMIT University, Australia

  • The University of Melbourne, Australia

  • The University of Queensland, Australia

  • The University of Victoria, Canada

  • The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing