Regina for Ubuntu: Groovy (Ubuntu 20.10)

Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) already comes with Regina, but this is not a real release—instead Ubuntu 20.10 ships an unsupported pull from the development repository (which it calls version 6.0~alpha1).

To keep up-to-date with the latest official release of Regina, follow these instructions.

You only need to follow these steps the first time you install Regina. After this, Ubuntu's Software Updater will handle upgrades for you, just like for any other Ubuntu package.

  1. Add Regina's location to your list of repositories. To do this, open the Software & Updates application.

  2. Next, open the Ubuntu Software application and search for Regina.

    Click on the package name (or icon, or description), and you will see more information. You should ensure that the version is correct (i.e., you are getting the latest version of Regina from this site, not the older version that is already bundled into Ubuntu).

    Once you are satisfied that Ubuntu has found the right version, press Install and you are finished!

The procedure above only installs the main packages regina-normal and regina-normal-doc, which is all that most people will need.

If you are a C++ programmer and you wish to build Regina into your own projects, you should also install the package regina-normal-dev.

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